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The Museum

The “Calafate” Historical Interpretation Center is a constant exhibition of natural and human history of the last 100 million years in the Southern Patagonia, recognized with the Scientific Sponsorship of La Plata Museum of Natural Sciences of the UNLP (National University of La Plata).

There we have developed the evolution of three fascinating groups of animals: Dinosaurs, Mega mammals and Human Beings.

Our aim is to spread the updated scientific knowledge about the Southern Patagonia, as well as the investigation and protection of the heritage and memory.

The presentation that combines objects, images, and videos includes translation into English, French, Italian and Portuguese. All this is shown without display cases or obstacles in a modern and innovative disposition.

It is located 4 blocks from the center of town, which makes it easy to get there and it is very near Laguna Nimez, natural reserve of birds.

If you have little time you can visit the Historical Interpretation Center in about an hour. But if you are really interested you can stay as long as you want since all the information available is of great importance.

The Center has a library, a cafeteria, and a small boutique where you can buy crafts related to history and you can also have a delicious calafate tea or some mates.